Fangshan District (房山区, Hanyu Pinyin: Fangshan Qu) is situated in southwestern Beijing, 38 km away from the city centre. Its area encompasses 2,019 sq km and is home to 760,000 people.

The seat of government for the district is located in Liangxiang Town.


Fangshan finds itself to the east of the Taihang Mountains (with its northeast and southwest part somewhat hilly), with a fertile plain to the east and southeast. Four rivers are in the jurisdiction: these include the Dashihe River, Juma River, Xiaoqing River and the Yongding River.


The following localities are all inside Fangshan District:


Fangshan District houses quite a number of interesting and important touristic sites. These include:



The Jingshi Expressway and the southwestern portion of the 6th Ring Road run through Fangshan District.

National and Municipal HighwaysEdit

The following national and municipal highways run through Fangshan District:


The Jingguang Railway and the Jingyuan Railway run through the district.

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