Juyongguan Toll Gate (2000 image, while still in operation)

The Juyongguan Toll Gate is a disused toll gate on the Badaling Expressway.

With the completion of Stage 3 of the Badaling Expressway, the toll section of the Badaling Expressway was extended from Nankou through to Kangzhuang. The loop around Juyongguan to Badaling used to be free; however, with the expressway re-emerging as a complete road after Badaling, and with the addition of Exit No. 19 (Yanqing) and Exit No. 20 (Kangzhuang), tolls extended further north.

In September 2001, the Juyongguan Toll Gate survived to see the end of its day in operation. The Kangzhuang Toll Gate replaces this toll gate as the terminus toll gate in the expressway's Beijing section.

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