Liulihe Town (琉璃河镇) is a town in Fangshan District. Nearly 3,050 years ago, the Western Zhou Dynasty resided here, creating Yandu City. This gives Liulihe a direct link as to the origins of Beijing; to this end, Liulihe is known as the "Origins of Beijing".


Liulihe lies to the southeast of Fangshan District in Beijing. From its geographical location, it is known as the "southern gate of the capital".


Encompassing 110 square kilometres, Liulihe is home to 72,000, 47,000 of whom are farmers.


The Jingguang Railway, the Jingshi Expressway and China National Highway 107 pass through Liulihe. There is an exit on the Jingshi Expressway (no. 18).

For incoming lorries over 3 tonnes, they must leave the expressway at Liulihe to undergo a mass inspection test. This regulation, however, is not often observed.

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