Taiyanggong Bridge (太阳宫桥, Hanyu Pinyin: Taiyanggong Qiao) is a bridge on the northeastern 3rd Ring Road.

Railway BridgeEdit

Taiyanggong Bridge was formerly a railway bridge (on two bridges), with a railway line heading straight out of what used to be Hepingli Railway Station. However, in the late 1990s, the railway line was removed.

CityRail BridgeEdit

When Beijing Metro Line 13 (CityRail) services were extended to the eastern part of Line 13 in early 2003, the gap between the former two railway bridges saw a new, third bridge, used exclusively for the CityRail line. Guangximen CityRail Station is to the immediate southeast of Taiyanggong Bridge.

Express Road BridgeEdit

By 2004, Taiyanggong Bridge was expanded to accommodate a link to the Jingcheng Express Road Link (which ultimately becomes the Jingcheng Expressway to Chengde, Hebei. This link was first built on the outer ring route (heading anticlockwise). On September 1, 2005, a bridge to link to the city express road has been completed for the inner ring (heading clockwise); this section links to Heping East Bridge directly. (Clockwise traffic used to make a U-turn at Sanyuan West Bridge if they wished to use the expressway.)

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