Xizhimen Outer Street (heading west) (March 2005 image)

Xizhimen Outer Street (西直门外大街) is a city express road in western central Beijing. It starts from Xizhimen Bridge on the northwestern 2nd Ring Road and heads further west until Zizhu Bridge on the western 3rd Ring Road.

In 2000, the road was widened, traffic lights were done away with (on the trunk road), and several underpasses were built. The roadworks lasted until 2001. The road, formerly just a trunk road, became Beijing's first city express road after the term was coined.

In late 2004, there were plans of building a city express road which would stretch west to the 5th Ring Road, going over what is now Xingshikou Road.

Speed limit on Xizhimen Outer Street is 60 km/h. Beware of cameras at Beizhan Bridge and near New Baishi Bridge!


Symbols: ExitR = exit (NoAccess = closed), Interchange = main interchange

Exit # English/Pinyin Name (Bridge) Chinese Name (Bridge)
Interchange 2nd Ring Road (Xizhimen Bridge) 二环路 (西直门桥)
ExitR Beijing Zoo, Beizhan (Beizhan Bridge) 北京动物园, 北展 (北展桥)
ExitR Shouti South Road, Zhongguancun (New Baishi Bridge) 首体南路, 中关村 (新白石桥)
Interchange 3rd Ring Road (Zizhu Bridge) 三环路 (紫竹桥)

Beijing City Express Roads
Opened City Express Roads: Radial: Northeastern Link | Jingcheng Link (Taiyanggong Bridge - Wanghe Bridge) | Lianhuachi (Lianhuachi East and West, Lianshi East and West) | Xizhimen Outer Street | Fengbei Road (opening Dec 2005)

Circular: 2nd Ring Road | 3rd Ring Road | 4th Ring Road

City Express Roads under construction: Jingcheng Link (Wanghe Bridge - Taiyanggong Bridge) | Tonghui Link | Puhuangyu Road
Projected City Express Roads: Yaojiayuan Road | Fushi Road | Xueyuan Road (4th Ring Road - 5th Ring Road)

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