Yanqing is one of the only two counties in Beijing. It lies to the northwest of the municipality.


Yanqing lies 74 kilometres northwest of central Beijing. It is west of Huairou District and north of Changping District. Outside its western and northern borders lie Hebei Province. It is 2,000 square kilometres in area. Nearly three-quarters of Yanqing is mountainous, with Mount Haituo (elevation 2,241 m. a. s. l.) its highest peak and the second highest mountain in Beijing. Water resources are scarce; only 1% of Yanqing is made out of waterbodies.


Yanqing currently has a population of 274,000.

Administrative DivisionsEdit

Yanqing can be further subdivided into 11 towns and 4 townships. These are:

Towns in YanqingEdit

Townships in YanqingEdit


The Badaling Expressway becomes the Jingzhang Expressway in Yanqing, which provides a direct Badaling Road Link into central Yanqing. China National Highway 110 also passes through Yanqing.

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